Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Art Attack #2

Here they are - and the Art Show was a great success for our school. One of our teachers is related to the great Aussie artist Ken Done, and he generously donated a limited edition print to raffle. I bought LOTS of tickets because it will look great in my loungeroom. Stay tuned, I'm sure I will win!


~ Jan ~ said...

Well done...they look terrific! Good luck with the raffle. Cheers! :)

Sorrow said...

So pretty!
lots of talent!
and fingers crossed for the raffle!

martie said...

Oh what cute little sculptures lie in those baskets! Snakes, mice, bunnies to name a few. What a wonderfully group of talented folks you have. Good luck on the raffle!!

Megan said...

Children's art is a wonderful thing....when a child gives you something they have created it symbolises how special you are to them.....that they have taken the time to create something just for you!