Thursday, 30 July 2009

Back to Work

OMG it has been a week already, back to work but with more energy after a great break. The guests have checked out of this B&B and Paull is back at work in NYC. My class are keen as mustard and just as well, as I've signed them up for Tournament of Minds, Young Scientist Competition, Poetry Podcasting, Public Speaking and University English & Maths competitions....and this is extra to the regular curriculum. We're a good team, they are up for it. Not much happening apart from work this week, but I'm going to a play by my friend Malcolm Frawley tomorrow night at the Sidetrack Theatre - let the weekend begin. At last. This going to work thing is getting in the way of my social life!!

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martie said...

Oh my - you and your class are going to be SO busy! How much fun is this going to be for you all? Keep us posted! Hope you weekend was great and you enjoyed the play!!