Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Blog on..

Have you noticed that people are blogging less these days? Maybe it is due to Twittering more, or working more - I've certainly been guilty of slightly less blogging this year. When I sit at the computer, it is work first, then e-mail, then the community work I'm involved with, then read some twitter and blogs, then - time for dinner, or bed, or the occasional really good show on TV. What's your excuse?


Sorrow said...

Good books..
To much company..
and nothing much to say..

martie said...

I've noticed that too, and I feel a little sad when I go to visit a blog friend and find they haven't been "home" lately. But I too am guilty of not blogging much these days. Dull skies, rain, waiting for news, home-owner issues are some of the excuses (reasons) for me being a bit quiet lately. Who wants to listen to whine, whine, whine??