Sunday, 11 January 2009

Intentions 2009

A column in last Sunday's Telegraph caught my eye....Yasmin Boland wrote about a powerful exercise to clear the decks for a new year. So, I tried it, and it is quite profound.
1) Make a "Ciao for Now 2008" list: all the things you want to leave behind. The failures, regrets, mistakes.

2) Next, make a "Gratitude 2008" list. All the things that you are grateful for from 2008.

3) Now make an "Intentions 2009" list. Maybe 10 goals, your main aims for 2009.

Finally, the good bit - tear up or burn your "Ciao for now 2008" list. Those regrets are gone. Read your "Gratitude" list aloud, and put your Intentions list where you will see it regularly.

I was carrying some professional bad times into 2009 - now I really feel like I have let them go, and also realise that I have so much to be grateful for. 2009 - bring it on!!


Kate I said...

This is a wonderful way to get clear about where we want to go and what we want to leave behind and just a really worthwhile exercise. I do a similar thing on the winter's solstice in december as the sun turns around and we in the northern hemisphere, make the journey back to light.

Chase said...

Cate -
Just curious, which list did I make? 1 or 2?


For all those "thank you Ma'ams", the good list! I've taken the jam out of the freezer however.

Annie said...

What a good idea- we really need that in our house.
Will do it tonight.

martie said...

What a great idea! Although the new year is a couple of weeks old I believe I need to do this too.

Love the photo of the fireworks!!