Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Where have I been?

Not to London to visit the Queen, but my daughter has......she returned from Dubai, Edinborough, Glasgow and London today after a three week holiday. Paull flies in on Saturday morning from NYC for three weeks holiday here - leaving minus one degree and walking out of the airport to 29 degrees C (approx 90F). So with two kids home, one friend from the US, and one friend who is staying with us while he completes his paramedic training, all here, Christmas will be packed to the rafters and full of fun! Eliza has arranged a surprise for Christmas lunch; I'll DEFINITELY take my camera to that.

School is in its last week prior to the long summer break, and I have to say that it is moving at the speed of a glacier. A glacier BEFORE global warming, that is. I'm making learning "fun" and doing lots of outside activities too, but Year 6 in week 10term 4 are definitely "over it". I hate to wish my life away, but - roll on, 3pm Friday!!


Patricia Ryan Madson said...

Thank you for mentioning my book, Improv Wisdom. It makes me really happy to think that these maximas are helping someone half way around the world. I wish you blessings for the holidays and good health. Warm thanks,
Patricia Ryan Madson

martie said...

What an exciting time for you with the anticipation of family arriving for the holidays. I, too, would be longing for the week to be over! Enjoy!!!!