Saturday, 6 December 2008


It sure is summer around here. If I don't go walking/running (ralking) by 6.30am it is too hot, especially for two large 11-year old labs (who are showing no signs of age, but bouncing around like puppies). We are grateful for new air-conditioners at school, even though we needed so many other things, like Data Projectors and interactive whiteboards. Settling 30 11/12 year olds after a hot lunchtime run-around is much easier when the room is cool. Days are longer, clothes are lighter, early mornings are beautiful, and the mangoes are here!!
(photo from Google Images because I'm too flat-out (lazy)to upload my own!)


Sorrow said...

and todays high was 29 F..
wondering if your just taunting those
childs of yours in NYC?

martie said...

Mangos! How nice that must be. It's -8C here. YUCK!


Yes I am! They'll be here in two weeks, though.