Sunday, 24 August 2008

Eat, Drink and be Merry

I love weekends. I've said this before, I know. I think it comes from having worked on Saturdays for three years recently. Now that I don't have to work six days a week, Saturday morning is a blissful awakening.

Weekends seem to revolve around the meals: Friday night gourmet pizza in front of the football; Saturday morning brunch at our favourite coffee shop; Saturday night in cooking perfect steaks (sorry, vegetarians,but company demands meat); Sunday breakfast with the papers; Sunday picnic at the river; Catch 'n' kill your own on Sunday night.

This weekend, between meals, Eliza lost her Netball Grand Final by 4 points;Paull and I talked on Skype;I did five hours (FIVE HOURS!!) of schoolwork (because my program is due tomorrow and I've been lazy) long walks and short runs with the doggies; minimal housework; and time with my favourite people. Yep, I <3 weekends.

Pic: my favourite snap from Fisherman's Wharf, SF

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Kate I said...

I think weekends are the only thing I miss about not working! They're just not the same when weekends are like every other day. I remember the sweet delicious feeling of Friday evening and Saturday mornings the possibilities stretched out before me.

I love being retired and would never go back to work unless I absolutely had to but I do remember the feeling of the weekend fondly!

It sounds like you know how to enjoy yours!