Wednesday, 30 July 2008

picnik rocks!!

Not the sort of picnic we had at Napa - although I love that kind too - but the fantastic photo site where you upload your own photos, use the marvellous tools , and come up with magic!

I had a demo. from the people at Blogher and used their gift certificate to join Picnik Premium. They should pay me, because I'll be singing their praises all over town.
Go to :


Sorrow said...

The photo alone makes me smile, so now I'll go have a peek!

Paull said...

Looks great mum! Looking forward to seeing more pics from the trip!

Allison Blass said...

Hi Cate! It's Allison, from BlogHer. Great shot. I'm so happy you like Picnik! Hope everything is going well for you.

martie said...

Wow - interesting post processing. I'm going to go have a look too.

Have a great day, Cate!