Saturday, 12 July 2008

New York moments

Sidewalk Sunset

Now recovered from jetlag, I'm packing a lot into each day. For example:
  • Visited the Empire State Building on a clear, blue day
  • Queued for half-price tickets to "Chicago" - fantastic production!
  • Meandered around the MoMA, then met Paull for jazz and wine in the Sculpture Garden
  • Mastered the subway
  • Took an early yoga class on the upper East Side
  • Spent hours and hours in the Metropolitan Museum, saw paintings I've always dreamed of seeing
  • Tonight - pizza in Brooklyn, then walking back over the bridge
- and still so much to do before heading off to San Francisco on Thursday. Oh, and spending time with Paull and his workmates, who are a great bunch of people. Meanwhile, my house and cat and dogs are being too well cared for by Anne and co., visiting from Hong Kong - thanks, Helen, Catie and Alec!

Me. Mum. MOMA.


Helen said...

Sounds great - you may have to give up sleeping :)

martie said...

Oh what fun you are having! Enjoy the time with your son and all the excitement of NY! And going to a yoga class too - excellent.

Sorrow said...

Was looking at this photo and singing "pretty woman...walking down the street!"