Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Yay! Somewhere to leave my stuff out AND somewhere to leave the ironing board up. Even if I end up working in the house, (for warmth) I don't have to pack it all up, just move it back to the "studio"/garage.

People who know the before before garage will be amazed at the transformation. Sorry, kids, if you come back home you'll need to get a storage unit for your stuff!

I'll need somewhere to leave things now that I've ventured into oil paints. Yesterday another teacher and I hired the art studio in Newtown for the day, and I played with oils for the first time. I love the way they merge and mix, and the depth of colour and light is fantastic. Of course they take days/weeks to dry and I need industrial soap to clean my hands....

I fixed up the splotches on the floor from my footprints, but I'm kind of wishing I'd left the pussy paw prints - we now have a curious black and white cat with primrose pads!


martie said...

Beautiful studio! I would not have imagined from the empty garage (freshly painted) that it would look SO wonderful! Well done - and I am anxiously awaiting the posting of your first oil painting.

Annie said...

I truly did not recognise this beautiful bit of space! Lucky you- a Room Of One's Own!

Paull said...

Wow! The garage looks amazing, I wouldn't anticipate you could make it look so welcoming.

Looks like the weather is still nice outside, you'll have to make it cosy for winter soon.

I love that the title of this post is 'w00t' hahaha, plus the curious spice story is a cracker.

Patti said...

Looks fantastic Cate - so much space and it's great that you have the option of an 'open air' studio.
Now we need to see some of your paintings!

sorrow11 said...

OOOOH! Happy [ainting!