Monday, 14 April 2008

Loving YouTube

Lazy holiday Monday, huge list of "things to do" for school, ignoring that. Trying to get my creative "mojo" back - it was last seen about six weeks ago being slowly buried by demands of work. SO I'm looking at art lessons on YouTube, which is a very interesting experience. Everything from cheesy landscapes, to one-minute paintings, to time-lapse photography painting - and I found this amazing artist by the name of Will Pope. His videos are fascinating discourses on how and why he paints as he does, with some philosophy thrown in. Check him out - his works are rich and colourful and he is also a talented writer and film maker.

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Patti said...

El Caballo Blanco! I'm learning Spanish online at the moment and this painting reminds me of the dancing horses!) Will Pope is great - enjoyed the vid and how he talks about intuitively choosing colour. I do it this way, if I overthink it, it is never quite right.