Wednesday, 12 March 2008


This is not my yoga class, but it looks just like it...I did a 75 minute class last night after a very hectic day. Stretching and inverting, a little chanting and meditation, and you come out as good as new. This ancient art sure helps with the busy, stress-filled life most of us lead these days. My son will call me a hippie, but I'm sure he feels the same after rugby training! To each his own..........


Annie said...

I went to yoga too today- but Hong Kong style.
No incense, no buddhas, just fast talking 55 minute yoga.
I always feel the class (1 hour) finishes too soon.
I use it really for ideas for home practice, so I can do as much as I need each evening.

martie said...

You are so right so it's off my bum and onto the mat. This is just what I needed to get me motivated!