Saturday, 22 March 2008

....kindly disregard that letter....

OK, I'll admit it - I had a really good time at Camp (Grenada) Berry. The camp staff do a wonderful job, the meals were yummy, weather beautiful, kids as good as could be expected, plenty of time for us teachers to sit in the sun and chat, PLUS I fulfilled a long time dream and went kayaking. Kayaking is so peaceful and relaxing, as well as being good exercise, I can't wait to do it again. Glad to be home, though, with four (yes, 4!) days break for Easter. That first latte was gooooooooood.


Patti said...

I know so many women who enjoy Kayaking for that upper arm exercise (!) and mostly the peacefulness and connection with nature. You are so close to a river you should get yourself a kayak!

Paull said...

My roommate Mike is planning on buying a kayak soon so I should get a go over the summer.

This is the first Easter in my life nobody has given me an Easter egg! New Yorkers have 0 days off, nobody says 'Happy Easter' due to PC concerns, and the Yanks don't seem to know what a chocolate easter egg is.

Very strange!