Friday, 25 January 2008

Beavis & Butthead

My son, Paull in NYC occasionally babysits a dog, which makes him miss his old mates Beavis & Butthead. They are nearly ten, or maybe nearly 11, but very fit and active. We were out for a walk/jog this morning when I thought about all the things that dogs can teach us:
  • exercise , explore, run free
  • eat a balanced diet - but always be ready for a little snack
  • nap often, sleep soundly, snore softly
  • your new best friend is the person you are just about to meet
  • always act glad to see people
  • always BE glad to see people
  • smile!


Kate I said...

These are all so true! Dogs are so wonderful for bringing out the best in us. Beavis and Butthead look like very sweet guys. I love the one about your new best friend is the person you just about to meet!

Annie said...

I've some more...
-never pass up a ride in the car
-feel the wind in your hair
-never bite when a soft growl will do
-keep old treasures and chew them fondly now and then