Friday, 23 November 2007

Seven Random Facts.....

I've been tagged by the erudite Dandelion Seeds to share seven random or weird facts about me - so many weird facts, so little time!

1) I have three sisters and only one brother. All sisters blog.

2) I once had elephant ear fish on the Mekong River for Christmas Lunch. (Yum!)

3) The most memorable meal I've had was soft cheese, baguette and packet bisque from Denmark, in Paris.

4) I "collect" New Year's Eves in exotic places: Viet Nam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, Antarctica. Was tempted to add New York city this year, but decided to wait till spring.

5) I came to teaching later in life, and I love it (most days!)

6) I part-owned a racehorse that won the Summer Cup at Randwick in 1982.

7) I love my 'boyfriend' (we're a little old for the boy/girl tag!) but I also love my independence.


martie said...

Beautiful post. I especially like the way you worded your New Year's travels!

Dandelion seeds said...

I am working on having the courage to do more traveling...would love to hear more about your travels! said...

I can think of a few more weird facts - but that is because I'm your sister!
Have never forgotten J for T!

sorrow11 said...

I bet you are a wonderful teacher..Thanks for the peek.