Monday, 19 November 2007

Reports, reports, reports

I would give these sculptures an A+.........I am immersed in school reports at present. There seems to be no way to hurry them along, so I am trying to be very Taoist about it: work less to accomplish more.
How would your own report card look this year? Here's mine:
"Cate has worked hard this year. Sometimes she takes on too much and the quality of her interactions suffers accordingly. Cate is mostly well prepared for school; however, after busy weekends, she has been known to try to "wing it", with predictable results. Procrastination has been an issue at times. Cate has tried her best to balance work and play, and has taken up yoga and art classes this year. Well done, Cate!"


Kate I said...

Well done indeed Cate! I love this idea of giving yourself a 'report'...I may try giving myself a report!

Dandelion seeds said...

wow. I never thought of it like that. Hmmmm....

I think mine would say something along the lines of:

Brandi has been very committed to doing true work and is gaining momentum.

btw, it was the 'friends' in the mcdonals commercials that got me ;-)

sorrow11 said...

Love the sculptures! I completely agree A+, and I give Cate an A+ too, for originality and insight, for play and for effort!

Dandelion seeds said...

hello! I have a fun meme that I'd like to tag ya with if you are interested in playing-see my blog for details.