Sunday, 2 September 2007

Stay on Course

Another sunny Sydney Sunday, make that sunny spring Sydney Sunday. The 1st September is known as "Wattle Day" in Australia and wattle is blooming everywhere. It is also Fathers Day so the park was teeming with families. Fathers Day always makes me a little sad because our Dad's birthday was September 2nd also. Even though he would be 84 if he was still alive, I still miss the family celebration.

The dogs were very frisky this morning, trying to rip my arms off by sniffing in different places at once and doing sudden stops. I couldn't wait to let them off leash and go for a run without them! I was getting quite tetchy with them when I remembered the saying doing the rounds at the moment: "Be the person your dog thinks you are". Yep, they'll forgive me and greet me with a doggy smile and wagging tails because they think I'm the greatest!!


Annie said...

What'll I do without wattle to sniff on 2nd of September, and without Dad to sing the song........loved the photo which will have to do.

Kate I said...

Wattle I do indeed! It's a very pretty flower and something we don't have so it was interesting to see what it actually looks like!

I know what you mean about missing a parent on celebration days. I feel the same way on Mother's day. Helen has a picture of your dad posted on her blog...he was a very handsome man. Enjoy your spring day Cate.