Monday, 17 September 2007

A musical weekend

Music is an important part of my life - maybe because I love movies I need a soundtrack! Listening to my favourite CD, loud, on Saturday and Sunday mornings is one of my "simple pleasures". I paint to music, do yoga to music, do housework to get the picture. This weekend was particularly musical - I went to see a 1980's pub rock band, Noiseworks, with some people from work on Saturday night; on Sunday afternoon Eliza and I went to see the Irish film "Once" which is almost a musical. It was a gentle, understated story which nevertheless made me cry at the end - it was so much like real life. Then straight to Fish Records to buy the soundtrack, which I'm listening to right now............


martie said...

Great post! Music is important to me as well. I often find myself responding to others (and situations) with a song (at least in my head). When around family I frequently break out in song (loud, not good) and I believe my two oldest daughters lived in fear that I would do so around their friends! They have this habit now, and when we're together it is magic.

Anonymous said...

I can't do housework without music, it's just natural :)

Hi I'm Danielle, one of the "Aussie Fans" of Kal's website. Just wanted to say hi and feel free to browse my blog. I live out in Windsor NSW.

I have 2 Black Labradors and just got married this year. I'm 22 and applying to Uni 2008 (Photography).