Saturday, 21 July 2007

Wake Up To The Gifts...

Things I'm loving right now.......

  • Waking up to kookaburras laughing
  • Exploring Darlinghurst with Anne
  • Seeing live theatre at the Stables
  • Sydney's cold snap!


Kate I said...

Kookaburra's laughing! I've now added that to my list of things to experience before I die! We have woodpeckers laughing in our garden...and hammering their little hearts out.

Anonymous said...

Came here from Sally's place.

Nice blog you have and I love that fire.

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Sally said...

Hey there! Thaks fr visiting. Fancy you goign to school at lapa - loved your reminsicences about learning Le Marsellaise!

Anonymous said... that photo.
It's mid-summer here, but this post makes me feel all cozy and waiting for autumn.