Thursday, 28 June 2007

Say Yes!

Two wonderful friends offered me a complimentary ticket to a play at Parramatta's Riverside Theatre. It clashed with parent-teacher night, it was raining (as usual, lately) but I said YES - and I am so glad I did. As well as having a lovely dinner with two good friends, I saw an amazing production. It is very topical, sadly - about a missing child - and the two actors play several parts. The set was foreboding and very cleverly done. See the review here:


Kate I said...

That sounds like it was worth saying yes for! I just love a really well done play.

As far as putting the island on your must see one day, list, we would love to see you if you do ever make it this part of the world...we have lots of room!

Patti said...

This sounds wonderful, some things you just have to make room for.

Paper Fan Club said...

I wish I got out and saw more live theatre. It either slips my mind or seems to be too much effort. When I do manage to go, I'm never let down by the experience... thanks for the reminder of that.