Saturday, 2 June 2007

Act Now

The "Blogger" Sisters! Is this some kind of record? Probably not, but unusual in Australia at least to have four sisters blogging. We are far-flung, so it is a great way to keep up. Somehow, time for a chatty phone call rarely seems to happen, and you can't CC a phone call! Australia is only just beginning to adapt to social media - certainly the younger "digital natives" are embracing it, but amongst older people it is a matter of "what's a blog??". A straw poll in my staffroom last week found nobody knew about blogging, nobody had a Myspace page and nobody listened to podcasts, let alone made them. Teachers run the risk of being left behind by their Hooray for the Blogger Sisters!!!


Annie said...

The Blogging Sisters remind me of a great book which I will send to Helen to pass on to you once read- The Satellite Sisters.
They are five sisters in the US and Thailand who keep in touch by phone etc in the days before Internet.
They say that Satellite Sisters support, accept and encourage you. They can make you laugh so hard that diet Coke (or in our case, red wine) comes out of your nose.
You do not have to be related to Satellite- some women friends automatically qualify. Read it or be square!

Kate I said...

You're right, it is unusual for a family to all be blogging! It may be more common in the US, but even here in Canada, people over 40 usually look at me like I've landed from another planet when I talk about blogging. No one in my family, exept for myself, has a personal blog, but my daughters both have their own websites for business.

I guess I'll just have to be a satellite sister to your family!LOL

Patti said...

Yay for our 21st century family! I find too, that people get a scared look in their eyes when I mention that I blog. Does anyone know what Pip thinks of blogging? His building process would be a great blog topic!

Helen said...

My first post was February 2, 2006 and I love reading back on all my posts, a kind of historical document. I still love blogging.

Cate said...

kate i, you are very welcome to be an honorary sister!

Rodrigo said...

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