Friday, 18 May 2007

Take Care of Each Other

Yay! It's the weekend.......I'm ready for some quality couch time. Sadly, however, my house guests are leaving tomorrow. The macro family reunion on Sunday was a great success, and we've been having a micro reunion ever since. Poor Spice (pictured) has had to relocate to the rocking chair as she keeps finding random relatives on the couches. It's been great to catch up with Helen, Allan and Anne over dinners, wine, coffee and chat. We joined Patti & Phil and Caleena for a special dinner on Wednesday night - soft shell crab, Mmmmmmm! Tonight is our final evening, so we are going to dinner and a show at - wait for it - Revesby Workers Club!!

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Kate I said...

It sounds like you've had such a lovely week with family! It's always tiring to do such intense visiting but well worth it every now and then, just to remember and reconnect the ties that bind.