Saturday, 28 April 2007

Make mistakes, please!

This is a great maxim, in improv. as in life, because it means you are "having a go". I took this shot on the first day I had ever used my shiny, new, complicated camera and made several mistakes. Pointing a camera straight at a setting sun is not a good idea, hence the little red dots on the left and the darkness of the water. Yet the picture has a presence all of its own - Bondi Beach as you may not have seen it.
One of the perks for me of being a primary school teacher is the chance to teach art regularly- very regularly in my room -and a wonderful program we are using required the students to draw their own hand without looking at the paper or taking their pencil off the paper. They made lots of mistakes, but I have never seen such an engaged, focused drawing class. Finally they were allowed to try again having the occasional "peek". It was a great exercise - dare you to try it!


Kate I said...

Yes, I've tried this exercise and was so surprised at how great the drawing was...much better than if I had drawn it by looking at my hand in fact. It's a worthwhile exercise to try!

Patti said...

I will try drawing in this way, it will take a lot of focus. Lindsay Fox (trucking magnate)in Sunday's Herald says, "learning by making mistakes is what life is about" - and your photo has a great atmosphere, red dots and all.